Information regarding the identification, installation and the establishment of a successful connection to our monitoring service is provided within these pages for download. Items included are forms, user/install guides, brochures and software applications.

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Download Fire NAD Installation Guide ( 1Mb)


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Download Fire Contractor Full set of Forms (826Kb Zip)

Softwares Not Available Currently..


ALARM New Zealand has worked with a number of alarm organisations to develop “open standard” IP Alarm transmission protocols including CSV IP ALARM and XML IP ALARM.

The CSV IP ALARM protocol is designed to facilitate  a smooth transition path for both CMS software developers and Alarm manufacturers who require an IP based Alarm signalling  methodology based on continued support for legacy dialup analogue ALARM protocols like Contact ID, SIA, Ademco Highspeed/Express, Radionics, Sescoa, Silent knight etc.

The XML IP ALARM signalling is a next generation protocol created for CMS developers and equipment manufacturers who want Alarm logging, Alarm system programming and remote Alarm system control. XML IP ALARM is ideal for use with smart appliances and  incorporates support for all other reporting protocols simultaneously.

Each of these protocols can be configured for encryption however there is a general understanding that network protection is best handled by a security appliance within the users own network. The philosophy is that security is a moving target and should not be bound to the message layer alone.  

XML IP ALARM beta ( Release 2013 TBC)