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Please review our valuable and useful hints on how to keep your family or business safe from burglaries, personal attacks and fire disasters. Our company can also provide advice on security system design and other techniques to apprehend and/or deter offenders. Please select the area of concern below and view helpful tips from experienced Police and Fire officers and Safety professionals.

Protecting Your Children


Children are particularly attractive targets for criminals - particularly children of families where there is a perception of wealth. Many poorer countries perceive all foreigners to be wealthy. Since you are not with your children 24 hours every day, it is your responsibility to teach them how to cope with the variety of situations they may encounter. Have regular, open discussions about security. Help them to understand that security precautions are essential for the safety and welfare of the entire family.

   Protecting Children

Home Security Procedures


Our home has been described as our castle. It is often the most valuable asset we possess. The privacy of our dwelling is a value which is guarded and defended strenuously, but often we fail to provide the security it requires.

Whether at home or abroad, security awareness must permeate through every member of the family, including children.

The aim is not to create anxiety but to generate security-minded attitudes and habits whereby every family member will benefit.

Your spouse or partner should be oriented and trained in proper procedures to take in all emergency situations and will greatly assist in providing security awareness to other family members.

At Home

One of the major concerns of all families at home or abroad in an ever increasing violent society, is the protection of the family and the home. For security measures to be effective, all household members must be aware of potential security problems and what precautionary steps to take.

Office Security Procedures


All staff must be encouraged to be vigilant for threats to security. Education programs identifying threat levels and counter-measures should be part of everyday business practices.

Most offices do not follow reasonable security practices. Often it is easy to gain entry, especially for the person who looks like they belong there. Once inside, it's easy for the intruder to access personal possessions, office supplies and equipment, and property information.

Office Security

Secure Car Travel

Travelling by Car

Important Personal Safety


Physically protecting yourself and your family in an ever increasing violent society can be an added pressure to family life. Law Enforcement Authorities no longer provide the level of protection we would like. The safety of ourselves and our families can be greatly enhanced by being aware of simple measures that can be taken.

Topic covered are:


Countering non-Sexual Attacks

Countering Sexual Assaults on Adults - In The Home <top>

Countering Street Robbery or Mugging <top>

Countering Extortion and Blackmail <top>

Going Away from Home


How secure your property is depends on your attitude towards home security. A positive attitude means making the effort to ensure that the three most important steps listed below are taken.

Securing your Home


Household Security Hardware Survey

Assess your Household Security Hardware requirements by completing the following:

Front Door                          


    Is it fitted with a Deadlocking Security Lock?      
    Is a Door Viewer required?                                       
    Is a Security Chain fitted?    
Back Door    
    Is it fitted with a Security Lock?    
    Are Locking Bolts fitted at top and bottom?    
Patio Doors (Hinged)    
    Are Patio Bolts fitted at top and bottom?    
    Are Hinge Bolts Fitted?    
Patio Doors (Sliding)    
    Is it fitted with Security Deadlocks?    
    Is it fitted with "Anti Lift" devices?    
    Is it fitted with a Patio Bolt?    
    Are all accessible windows fitted with locks?    
    Are all accessible windows fitted with Security Stays?    
    Are all louvre window slats glued in or fitted with Securi-Bars?    
Garages and Sheds    
    Are all internal doors between garage and house fitted with a Security Lock?    
    Are all external doors securely locked with Padlocks or Security Locks?    
    Are all windows fitted with Deadlocks or Security Bars?    


Going away checklist

The following are useful ideas and should be used as appropriate for your own situation:

1 . Lock all doors and windows including garage, house and garden shed.
2. Cancel postal, newspaper and milk deliveries.
3. Lock away all tools and ladders.
4 . Arrange for lawns and shrubs to be trimmed while you are away.
5 . Mark all your valuables with your own security mark.
6 . Display "Beware" signs if you have a dog or alarm. Advertise it.
7. Leave the radio on quietly.
8. Do not draw your drapes.
9 . Leave appropriate light(s) on connected to a timer or sensor so it goes on at night only.
10 . Leave some washing securely attached to your washing line
11. Advise your neighbours of your plans.
12. Consult your community support group.

Fire Protection At Home


It is an important fact that there are more fatalities at home due to fire or smoke inhalation than criminal attacks in the home. All family members should be aware of potential problems, and the precautionary steps to take.

Fire safety and awareness is an important part of safe-guarding your home and family. The aim is not to create anxiety, but, to generate fire safety attitudes and habits whereby every family member and house guest will benefit.

Your spouse or partner should be orientated and trained in proper procedures to take in all fire emergency situations. This will greatly assist in providing safety awareness to all other individuals who live or visit your home.

Many people are unaware that whilst asleep they are unable to smell anything and the likelihood of being able to prevent injury by smelling smoke while asleep is not possible.

Managing Personal Affairs

The availability of personal data relating to a victim can be often avoid critical delays which may adversely affect the safety of those involved.

Use the personal data form below to collect data concerning yourself and your family members, alternatively download the personal data form here .

All such information if retained within a company should be treated with the utmost confidence and should be retained in secure conditions to be used only in the event of a personal emergency. It is recommended that executives and key personnel prepare financial profiles encompassing the items in the list below. This information should be held in safe keeping, in a place of your choice and be readily accessible to your next of kin or partner.

Personal information

The information suggested should cover: